Click on any TMT Learning Team Member to hear a special greeting!

Meet the coolest, Craziest, Silliest and Smartest
Singing tiger in the Universe...TEACH ME TIGER!
Teach me tiger, or TMT as his friends like to
call him is the Captain of the Learning Team.He
loves to teach kids their ABC's and 123's with
fun songs and his Kool Kazoo.TMT has an
amazing Magical Question and Answer Tummy that
helps kids find answers and solutions to fun problems.
When "Teach Me Tiger Says...",everybody laughs
and learns.

BooWoo is Teach Me Tiger's Magic Doggie and
his best friend...and he can be YOUR Magic
Doggie too, if you have a box of dog treats.

BooWoo takes Teach Me tiger and the TMT
Learning Team on wild adventures everytime he
waves his wand. He dances a jig better than
anyone and he always has his kool kazoo with him
in his Magic Trick Hat.
BooWoo is a wonderful doggie and a great friend!
Teach me tiger has Monsters Under His Bed...but they're not as scary as they seem.
They wait for him every night, until his mom turns out the light. They call out Teach Me's name, to come and play monster games. So don't be afraid if you have monsters under YOUR bed...
they probably just want to play with you.
Stanley loves the color purple! He is
a member of the ONE EYED FAN CLUB...
actually Stanley is the ONLY member of
the ONE EYED FAN CLUB, because he is
the only monster with just one eye.
When he is not taking a nap underneath
Teach Me Tiger's bed, Stanley loves
to snack on purple grapes,chocolate
covered purple peanuts,and drink
purple monsterjuice with his big purple
monster straw.
Lester is a monster who likes to have lots of
fun. When he isn't singing or making up songs
on his orange kazoo, he is usually playing with
his orange bouncy ball and making lots of noise
underneath Teach Me Tiger's bed.
Lester loves the color orange and he loves
to snack on orange slices and mini monster
mango bites. He washes it all down with
an orange monster smoothie through
his big orange monster straw.
Fred loves the color green and reading story
books to his little monster brothers,
Lester and Stanley, underneath Teach Me
Tiger's bed. Sometimes, late at night, after
the other monsters have gone to sleep,Fred
enjoys munching on a big, green,juicy, monster
pickle, which always makes his breath smell funny.
He also loves to eat green veggies while sipping
his green monsterade through his big green
monster straw.

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